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      When you play any sport — you are in the thick of the action, you want to give your best. But often you are stopped – by injuries, by pain, by hits and falls.

      Sports are getting more competitive, and the rate of injuries is on the rise – last year there were more than 500,000 basketball-related injuries in the U.S. alone! The incident of injuries in the sport of soccer is approximately 1.50 per match and most injuries are the result of contact with another player.

      Numbers for other team sports and the majority of extreme sports are even higher. With risks as high as that you have a very good reason to be cautious. But that means holding yourself back from realizing your full potential.

      BLINDSAVE products are premium quality protective gear with a unique feature – it is the first padded compression wear in the world that adjusts to a player’s body. BLINDSAVE gear is flexible and extremely comfortable, and most importantly, it absorbs hits much better than any other product currently available on the market.

      The unique technology gives us the ability to benefit many athletes from all kinds of different sports. We believe we can help thousands of athletes across the world to stay safe, avoid injuries and achieve their full potential. Besides basketball, floorball, and handball, our products are already used in such sports as volleyball, bobsled, snowboarding, and even ice cross.

      Our padded compression wear takes care of the athlete’s lower body - tights, hips, tailbone, and knee’s, to the upper body - elbows, ribs, and back.

      Scientific tests have proven that our gear has 20% better hit absorption and 30% more durability - all while having 40% thinner and lighter padding than our closest competitors.



      Quick facts about BLINDSAVE:

      • Our products are sold in over 50 countries
      • Used in 10+ different sports
      • Used by athletes at the world's best leagues like NBA, WNBA, Euro League

      BLINDSAVE – Gives you protection, so you can give your best.

      BLINDSAVE LTD is sports protective gear manufacturer that focuses on basketball and other sports. The main advantage of our products is their unique patent-pending body adjust technology (BAT) which ensures superior protection and comfort to athletes.

      All of our products are manufactured and tested in Latvia, Europe.