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      BLINDSAVE as a floorball goalie brand is taking an active part in organizing floorball goalie camps and educating goalies all around the world.

      We are organizing camps in different countries and we are open to meet young and experienced floorball goalies to teach them goalie techniques, psychology and the game itself. We believe that goalies play huge role in the team' s success which is the reason why we believe we should pay more attention and focus on the improvement of goalie skills.

      BLINDSAVE is annually organizing goalie camp in Latvia with more than 100 participants every year. During the camp it is possible meet the world’s best goalies like Patrik Aman, Viktor Klintsten, Pascal Meier, Henri Toivoniemi and others sharing knowledge about floorball goaltending. We have also organized goalie camps in countries such as the USA, Singapore, Malaysia, France, Estonia and other countries.



      The idea of organizing floorball goalie camps comes from the owner of the BLINDSAVE company Andis Blinds who started to organize specialized practices for local goalies in Latvia in 2012. Also this was the year when the first ever goalie camp was organized in Latvia and gathered more than 20 goalies. Andis was a passionate goalie himself and played for the Latvian national team for many years and he is the one who started the movement of floorball goalie education.

      In 2019, BLINDSAVE organized its first ever winter goalie camp and had a great feedback from the participants. It was a special camp as it had only 35 participants with the idea to be able to work with each goalie more individually. The training program was specifically designed to get our goalies ready for the playoffs and covered many important topics during the 3 days of the camp.

      We have made huge steps towards improving the quality of our camps. Each year we have the world's top floorball goalie coaches attending the camp. We use the latest teaching methods and we teach our participants the most important goalie techniques.

      Below you can find video of the first ever BLINDSAVE goalie camp in 2013 and the last goalie camp in 2019. The difference is notable and we never stop improving the quality of our camps!

      The first BLINDSAVE goalie camp in 2013


      BLINDSAVE goalie camp in 2019